Returning to the ancestral void

"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."


Palestinians in the city of Akka packing supplies to sent to Gaza.


Palestinians in the city of Akka packing supplies to sent to Gaza.

The absurdities of MSM

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I have never been more conscious of my womanhood than right now in Jerusalem

Join this Israeli woman as she speaks of her encounters with the abrasiveness of rising fascism in Israel.

As I walk home, I begin to contemplate the insanity of the situation. In the context of Jerusalem, and what has been happening in this city of late, this was a completely normal encounter. Lehava activists and Kahanists have been all over the streets every single day. But in the grand scheme of life, this was NOT normal. What if I had encountered a young woman in New York, affiliated with the KKK? Telling me she was not racist? And telling me that she considers herself a feminist? Perhaps this could happen in New York.  But it would be abnormal at best.  Traumatizing at worst. What kind of reality am I living?

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Lighting a thousand candle to the spirit of a thousand martyrs

Sixteen Protesters Arrested in Haifa - International Middle East Media Center

DAM:  Who’s the terrorist? - مين إرهابي؟



Be informed

Check out what this brainwashed zionist, who reblogged my post, is saying, in a typical regurgitation of zionist propaganda:

"Be informed? Okay…let’s be informed. There has never been a nation called Palestine. Fact! There is no country that they were citizens off for them to return to. Israel is a globally recognize, democratic nation. Arabs in Israel have equal rights and serve in the knesset (which is the Israeli parliament) where they are allowed to freely bash Israel.

Israel is the homeland to all Jews, Palestine was an area that was Ancient Israel which the Romans renamed Palestina after the Philistines, who no longer exist and have zero ties to the current people who have taken the name Palestinian…or Phalistinian, since P isn’t present in Arabic. Therefore they are claiming to be a people who haven’t exist in centuries.

It is not their land it is Israel, it is the Jewish nation and you know what. Israel has a RIGHT to defend itself against terrorists threats. Don’t like it? Too bad.”

Allow me to dismantle this argument:

In a stupid effort to twist the facts, this person is claiming that there has never been a “nation” called Palestine. And calls it a fact. How audacious! Palestinians, like many Arabs, or what is referred to as the “Arab nation”, were citizens of the Ottoman Empire, which was defeated in WWI. Great Britain, which won the war and occupied Palestine, quickly received a mandate to manage Palestine’s affairs, a ruse to give the land to zionists. They issued the Balfour Declaration in 1917, which opened the door to the establishment of a zionist entity in Palestine in 1948. The Jewish immigration to Palestine intensified shortly after the British entered Palestine in 1918. The British acted as if the land was theirs, and made it easy for zionists to control Palestine, especially that they armed and trained zionist gangs while oppressing Palestinians. Now the idea of being a separate nation called Palestine does not concern me, since what I am talking about is the people, whose land and property was usurped, and who have the right to return according to UN resolutions, namely resolution 194. Regardless of whether a “nation” existed or not when they were expelled, they have the right to return and be compensated.

Additionally, Palestinians have the right to self determination, like all peoples of Earth. They themselves decide what form their state and government are like, not Israel or anybody else. Negating that a “nation” existed prior to being expelled is an attempt to ignore the facts, and not a fact in itself.

It is like saying that Iraq or Syria did not exist because they were not independent and their people were subjects of another more powerful entity. Keep in mind that all of the current borders of existing Arab countries were drawn on a map by the British and the French in the Sykes-Picot agreement in 1916.

The land that the zionists robbed, and have been stealing, belongs to the people, and not the “state of israel”. This is logic, and not politics. I don’t care what the territory is called. Trying to say that there is no such thing as Palestine is pure idiocy, and an argument that is full of holes.

Also, the global recognition of israel is conditional. When israel was admitted to the UN according to resolution 273, the resolution stated that israel “unreservedly accepts the obligations of the United Nations Charter and undertakes to honour them from the day when it becomes a member of the United Nations”. Israel has not done so, and is NOT a peace-loving ‘nation” but a rogue belligerent state that is armed to the teeth and forcefully occupied another people, the Palestinians. There are scores of UN resolutions that israel ignores and violates on a daily basis. Additionally, the “state of Palestine” has been recognized by 138 UN member states last year. Also, Arabs in Israel are forth class “citizens”, right after Sephardi and Ethiopian Jews. They have equal rights only on paper. In actuality, they have been the victims of a systematic effort to eradicate their culture and language, rob their land, and are always suffering from discrimination. Some are represented in the “knesset” because they insist on practicing their right to be in the legislature that creates the laws they are victims of. They are not there simply to bash poor “innocent” israel! hahaha 

As to israel being a democratic state, that is another fallacy. You could say that it is as democratic as Apartheid South Africa, yeah! But if you want to put it to the test, it is ultimately a security and military-run state that uses democratic principles to cloak its fascism and racism.

Israel is NOT homeland to all Jews, but a zionist construct that thrives on the subjugation of Palestinians and is in a state of constant readiness to wage wars. It has an army that belongs to the top ten armies in the world, thanks to unlimited support by the West, and especially the US, where the zionist lobby has control. Referring to Ancient history to claim that israel preceded Palestine is a fallacy, since the Hebrews came to Palestine when it was inhabited by a multitude of tribes and peoples, all of whom were semetic. The Hebrews were merely one of those peoples. Even Abraham himself came from Mesopotamia, and was not a local to the land of Canaan, the original name of Palestine. Saying that those ancient peoples have “zero ties to the current people” is idiotic, especially that  the current people are the product of thousands of years of history, and do not claim purity of origin, unlike many zionists who do. It is not a racial issue at all, and what adds insult to injury is that current Askenazi Jewish residents of israel themselves have nothing to do with the original Hebrews. Most are descendants of the Khazars, who CONVERTED to Judaism in the 8th/9th century. That is why they have fair skin and blue eyes.

The land belongs to its rightful owners, and the might of the nuclear-toothed Israel can never change that fact. 

Of course, as usual, this person parrots the meaningless statement that “Israel has a RIGHT to defend itself against terrorists threats.” But Palestinians don’t have the right to defending themselves, protecting their livelihoods and lives, or living in peace. He or she says: “Don’t like it? Too bad.” That’s zionist “logic” for you. 

Pathetically weak and immoral.

We will hammer down the wall(s)
محدى شافها؟


Prior to the creation of the State of Israel, two Jewish terrorist groups were working to cleanse Palestine of its Arab inhabitants and its British occupiers. The more brutal of these groups was Lohamei Herut Yisrael (Fighters for the Freedom of Israel) also known as the LEHI or the Stern Gang after its founder Avraham Stern.Much of the financial support for these Jewish terrorists came from the United States. The Stern Gang received money collected under the more perfidious name, American Friends of the Fighters for the Freedom of Israel. Mr. Shepard Rifkin was the executive director after the UN Partition of Palestine and prior to the creation of Israel in May 1948.Against his better judgment Rifkin solicited Albert Einstein to help the Stern Gang raise American money for arms to drive out the Arabs and help create a Jewish state. On April 10th, the day after the infamous massacre of Arabs at Deir Yassin, Einstein replied calling the Stern Gang terrorists and misled criminals.Einstein’s single-page letter on his embossed stationery was auctioned at Sotheby’s on June 21, 2007. It was purchased by Daniel McGowan, executive director of Deir Yassin Remembered, for $8,500 plus $1,700 commission and $175 shipping. It will become a part of the Deir Yassin Remembered Archives, which includes documents, photographs, and audio accounts of the massacre.